Molly Saleeby for Greenwich Town Clerk

Diligent. Efficient. Committed.

“I’ve lived in Greenwich my entire life, and I love our Town.
I’m committed to being an innovative Town Clerk with a customer-service mindset.”

As a Greenwich taxpayer, you deserve a friendly, modern Clerk’s Office.

When elected, I will:

  • streamline processes and implement technological advances for cost-effectiveness and a more efficient, user-friendly experience
  • provide stellar customer service by responding promptly and staying in the office on certain days beyond the current closing time of 4 pm for the convenience of working people
  • increase access to information

What does the Town Clerk do?

If you need a marriage or birth certificate, dog or shellfish license, absentee ballot or to register a trade name, the Town Clerk’s office is where it happens.  Perhaps you want a property deed or map, or you’re looking for information on a public meeting.  The Clerk’s office is Greenwich’s official recording agency for the State and keeper of its most valuable and historical records.  The Town Clerk also certifies elections and is a guardian of the public trust. It should be an office with exceptional customer service, and under my leadership, it will be.

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